The Story

The Search for the Galilean Fragments

I have heard this story, the story of five thousand people fed from the picnic of a little boy.  There is nothing much said about the boy except that he was brought to Jesus by Andrew.  There were other boys in the Hebrew stories who were brought to focus through strange ways.

Joseph as a boy was sent with a picnic to his brothers.  In the most extraordinary ways he ended up feeding the known world of ancient Egypt.  David as a boy was sent with a picnic to his bothers and found himself fighting a giant and became the central focus for a victory party.

Boys with their picnics feeding thousands is a recurring theme in the Hebrew Faith narratives.  In each of these picnic turned parties, there was abundance.  The pointing of turning is the sign of God’s presence.  And crucially, the abundance could be seen as wasteful.  In the Gospel according to St John, Jesus asked his disciples to gather the fragments, after the big feed.  I was fed this story as I was weaned off my mother’s breast.  The abundance of God’s goodness in Creation almost seem reckless.  God is reckless in giving.GF Logo  It is this recklessness of God which fed my imagination while I would go to sleep in hunger because my mother could not feed five children in the income of an Evangelist in a Christian Mission Hospital.  This paradox remained a sign of hope rather than despair.  And this audacity for hope in the Gospel narratives is the force behind my daily life and the force behind my search for the ‘Fragments’ left behind by the disciples of Jesus on the green hills over looking the sea of Galilee.

Ever since my mum told me of this sign in the green hills of Galilee, I wanted to go looking for the fragments and hence ‘the Galilean Fragments.’  My search for the ‘Galilean Fragments’ has taken me to places – sacred spaces, which I hope to explore through this website.