• Science and Religion find peace and harmony in transcendence - Isaac
  • St Andrew's Cathedral, Aberdeen seeks to bring together the broken world through hospitality, prayer and dialogue - Isaac
  • Transcending subjective reality leads to solidarity. - Isaac

galilean fragments

  • Galilean Fragments is a Gospel axiom in which the fragmentation of Christ on the Cross symbolised in his taking and breaking of the bread becomes the sign of the fragmented world. [...]

scientists in congregations

  • The shared space between faith and reason in Scotland remains an hallowed ground where silence is preferred. Into this silence enters the 'Scientists in Congregation' funded by the Templeton Foundations. [...]

cathedral church of st andrew

  • St Andrew's Cathedral was funded to develop Scientists in Congregations project under the theme of, 'What is truth.' The project had been a good experience which opened new avenues, hitherto unexplored. [...]